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23-Heller-Ashamalla Garden


Heller-Ashamalla Garden

Sunday | April 14 | 10 AM–5 PM

Private Residence
Design: Thomas Heller (Resident) & Studio Petrichor
Care: Thomas Heller
Garden Size: 6,500 sq. ft., front
Started: 2003

About the Garden

Our garden is filled with deer-resistant plants to keep those frequent visitors from treating our yard like a buffet. It requires almost no watering and mostly takes care of itself now. The spring flowers attract bees and hummingbirds, and it is green year round. Almost all of the understory plants — even the huge ones — started as onegallon containers from TPF. We knew nothing about native plants beforehand, but trial and error have taught us how to grow them. Their own natural beauty does the rest.

Notable Plants

Nevin's Barberry

Nevin’s Barberry (Berberis nevinii)
Big Saltbush (Atriplex lentiformis)
Bush Sunflower (Encelia californica)
Western Sycamore (Platanus racemosa)
Laurel Sumac (Malosma laurina)