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25-Casa Petrichor—The Laboratory


Casa Petrichor—
The Laboratory

Sunday | April 14 | 10 AM–5 PM

Private Residence
Design: Studio Petrichor
Care: Shawn Maestretti
Garden Size: 4,500 sq. ft., front/back
Started: 2019

About the Garden

Welcome to Studio Petrichor, our ever-evolving homestead and design studio. Nestled in Altadena, CA, just below the Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains, this modest 1947 traditional-minimal home is a place of respite and inspiration for the Studio Petrichor design team. This is a community space where we educate and empower folks to honor and protect natural, living systems through our non-profit, Poly/Ana. We look forward to spending time with you in the garden and sharing what has been and hasn’t been working for us so we can learn together.

Notable Plants

Mission Manzanita

Claremont Pink-Flowering Currant
(Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum ‘Claremont’)
Lewis’ Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii)
Mission Manzanita (Xylococcus bicolor)
Baja Blanca Cedros Island Sage
(Salvia cedrosensis ‘Baja Blanca’)
Fragrant Pitcher Sage (Lepechinia fragrans)